Motor Rewinds

At Coulstock and Place we have an experienced motor rewind team who are fully trained to ensure we always deliver high standards.  Our expertise, along with continuous investment in capital equipment has proved invaluable to our customers for many years.

Every aspect of the motor repair is carried out in house at Coulstock and Place.  The extensive range of machinery and equipment provides all aspects of electrical and mechanical repairs and refurbishments including welding, metal spraying and dynamic balancing.


Services offered:
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Free inspection and quotation
  • Free collection and delivery (40 mile radius)
  • AC, DC slip ring repairs and rewinds to 500kW
  • Linear motors
  • Atex repairs on flameproof motors
  • Pumps and gear box repair
  • Transformer rewinds and conversions
  • Clutch coils and solenoids
  • Motor conversions (voltage, speed and frequency)
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Supply motor control systems and repair
  • Site services

Motors can be tested using 4 wire resistance test equipment and 6kV baker test.  We can also carry out core loss testing of stators and rotors to provide route cause analysis.