Lead preparation

Global market requirements for electrical products require levels of service which comply with both national and international standards.  Our customers take comfort from the fact that the products and services outlined below meet these exacting standards.


Single cables

Single cables with a cross sectional area between 0.22mm² to 240mm² and multicore cables with a maximum diameter of 25mm can be processed.  Cables can be supplied cut, stripped and terminated, or tinned and fitted with cable identification markers and terminal insulators, to your exact specifications.


Battery and earth cables

Coulstock and Place can produce battery cables and earth straps up to 240mm² in cross sectional area, fitted with terminals from a wide selection of heavy duty crimp lugs and ferrules suited to hostile environments.


Industries served

We currently serve wide range of sectors including the following:

  • Power generation
  • Rail
  • Commercial and domestic heating
  • Specialist vehicles
  • Food preparation
  • AC/DC motor and speed control systems

From single cables to battery and earth cables, we have the capability to satisfy all your lead preparation requirements.



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